I’m so happy it’s farmer’s market time again. And best of all, the farmer’s market in my new hometown of Marblehead is fantastic! I walked over on Saturday morning and spent a couple hours there talking to local farmers and artists. I always seem to manage to spend all of my cash when I go. This week, I got garlic scapes (one of the things I look forward to most in spring), strawberries, cherries, 3 tomato plants, a couple Irish moss plants, acai facial cream (all natural, full of antioxidants, locally made, and smells delicious!), eggs and cheese. The eggs are always fun because they come in different colors and sizes and sometimes even include chicken feathers.

Beautiful photos taken locally

Handmade glass vases and decorative pieces

Love the mushrooms!

Local cheese from the West River Creamery

Grace Farm Organics beauty products (also available for purchase online)

One of the greatest things about living on a seaside town: buying lobsters off the back of a truck!

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